Justice L. Quintana MT, CI-CPT, Founder of Just Results & Rogue Krav Maga
Justice is a Krav Maga expert, earning his instructor degrees from the Krav Maga Association of America and Krav Maga Worldwide. He loves the system and it's use of other disciplines like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, American Karate, Wrestling and Boxing, and Defensive Tactics. Justice developed Rogue Krav Maga to provide a system and teaching approach that will allow students to reach their true potential quickly.  Justice has trained hundreds of civilians, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Companies including the USAF, Army, Marines, the Attorney Generals Office, the Department of Public Safety in Texas and New Mexico and The State Police in Texas and New Mexico.

Rachel G. Emry CI-CPT, CSC, Co-Founder, Just Results
Rachel began her career as a certified Sous Chef after graduating from the Texas Culinary Academy in 2003. She maintained a focus on nutrition, working as a Nutrition Coordinator for Alterra Sterling House and teaching children about proper nutrition at Kids' Club in New Braunfels, a non-profit after school program for at-risk children. In 2007, Rachel decided to combine fitness with her nutrition background by teaching group fitness classes at World Gym. In 2010, she was introduced to Rogue Krav Maga and began training as an instructor.  Rachel attended the Cooper Institute of Dallas in August of 2011 to complete her personal training education, and began personal training and instructing Krav Maga full time. She earned her BASI Pilates Instructor Certification in 2013 and has been leading and developing innovative Pilates classes at Just Results.




Casper B. Maile III, Rogue Krav Maga Instructor

Master Casper comes to Just Results with an impressive 30 years experience in Martial Arts.  He carries a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Black Belt in Taecon, 5 years of Yang style Thai Chi, and has been a loyal student and instructor of Rogue Krav Maga under Justice Quintana since 2012.  He is our Lead Instructor and Program Developer of Rogue Youth Krav Maga and combines his extensive knowledge of traditional Martial Arts with the realistic scenarios of Krav Maga to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive learning environment for children ages 6-12.